15 Precautions You Must Take Before Practising Yoga

15 Precautions You Must Take Before Practising Yoga

Yoga is being practiced for more than 5,000 years. Countless people all over the world are enjoying Yoga’s benefits at present. Yoga focuses on a lot of things along with some physical poses which are called ‘Asanas.’ It also includes breathing techniques. Some Yoga Asanas were created to help people to relax completely while others were created for making the human body strong and flexible. Yoga has a countless benefits but check out the following precautions before you start to practice it.

1. Practice Yoga without stressing your mind and body too much

Don’t overstretch and strain your body beyond its capability. Move your neck, shoulders, spine, legs and knees for Yoga but don’t overdo anything to hurt the body.

2. Try to take help from a professional Yoga teacher

It is the best bet to do your Yoga postures under an expert’s guidance. Make sure you join a Yoga class or get a personal Yoga teacher especially if you are pregnant. Some Yoga postures can be really harmful for expecting women. So, don’t do them without an expert’s guidance.

3. Avoid injuries by not learning Yoga yourself

There are many Yoga CDs in the market. All these CDs and DVDs claim to give you best results without any side effects but it is still important to learn Yoga from a Yoga expert. This will help you to avoid injuries and to gain a lot of knowledge about Yoga.

4. Don’t depend on Yoga entirely

Don’t consider Yoga as a substitute for medical care. Yoga has its health benefits but it can’t cure some diseases.

5. Take your time and go slow

Don’t consider people in your Yoga class as your competition. Learn the basics of Yoga, maintain the balance and go slow before you try more ambitious stretches.

6. Don’t forget to prepare your body before practicing Yoga

It is important to warm up before every Yoga session because Yoga involves stretches. Cold muscles can increase your chances of injury.

7. Wear proper clothing for your Yoga sessions

Choose clothes that allow you to move freely. Make sure your clothes are neither too tight nor too loose.

8. Don’t avoid asking questions

Ask a lot of questions. If you don’t understand a posture or an exercise then ask questions about it before you attempt it. This will help you to get a better understanding of Yoga. This will also help you to stay away from injuries.

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