Find Out How Advertisements Of Beauty Products Fool You

Find Out How Advertisements Of Beauty Products Fool You

It is a known fact that the advertising industry is extremely influential and manipulative. The job of advertisers is to increase manufacturers’ sales. So, they don’t really mind putting ethics aside while promoting a product. If you watch the advertisements of beauty products carefully, all of them offer things that are more or less the same. But at the end of the day, more than the quality of the product, it is the one with a better advertisement that survives. Don’t you feel cheated now? Okay, so you want to know more? Well, that is precisely the reason why this article aims to expose some of the ways how beauty manufacturers fool you through advertising.

Careful choice

Advertisers, very carefully, show off only the advantages of their product, without revealing the disadvantages. Also, the pictures of models advertising for them are carefully chosen. Only the best ones are picked, while many others who are not that great are kept aside.

Photo editing

This is the 21st century we’re talking about. Photo editing has reached the pinnacle of advancement. Apart from Airbrushing and Photoshop, there are so many ways how you can totally transform a picture and make it look completely different from the original one. It is impossible to believe that no advertiser uses this technology. This, in fact, is a marvelous weapon to deceive people.

Artificial sparkle

The models posing for all those pictures, used by advertisers, have gone through hours and hours of styling by the best of makeup artists and hair stylists. Apart from the fake eyelashes and wigs that they use, models also pose in designer outfits that make them appear glamorous, no matter how ugly they really look. It’s almost impossible for you to imitate their style, simply because you dress up by yourself, using simple makeup and styling your real hair, let alone the best of photographers who photograph them.

Perfect lighting and good cameras

Sufficient lighting used in the perfect surrounding can make anybody look good. The photographers that advertisers hire are experts in their profession. They know the exact amount of lighting that has to be used for a particular picture. Again, unlike the way you use your simple digital cameras to take pictures, advertisers make use of really good, professional cameras. This explains why the models in advertisements always happen to look good.

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