How To Look Like Kristen Stewart?

How To Look Like Kristen Stewart

Bella Swan single handedly managed to win the hearts of handsome hunks like Edward Cullen, a vampire and Jacob Black, a werewolf. She doesn’t own some kind of extraordinary power or ability. However, only on the basis of her beauty and charm, she managed to make them fall in love with her. Kristen Stewart who plays the role of Bella Swan in real life too possesses such kind of irresistible charm and raw beauty that can make any guy go weak in the knees. Wish you were in her shoes? Well, that is very much possible. We bring to you simple tips on how to look like Kristen Stewart.

1. Eyes

Kristen Stewart is blessed with natural green eyes. So in case you are blessed with a different color iris, you can always wear green lenses to perfect your ‘Kristen Stewart’ look.

2. Clothes

KStew’s style can best be defined as Indie and tomboyish, very much unlike her other super-feminine starlet peers. For the Red Carpet events, Kristen loves wearing lots of dresses. Each of her dresses are one of a kind. She also likes wearing ripped jeans and t-shirts or checkered shirts as casual wear. Cropped jackets are KStew’s favorite. They especially come in dark colors. You can have a look at any of her pictures and get your outfits stitched just like that.

3. Accessories

She practically loves accessories and happily plays with different styles of them. Oversized sunglasses are Kristen’s favorite and you won’t usually see her stepping in the sun without having them cover her beautiful eyes. She also wears a lot of bracelets. You can pick from soda tab bracelets, evil eye beaded ones, with skulls on them, belted ones and so on. All of them are straight out of KStew’s wardrobe. She doesn’t wear earrings (at least most of the time), but her lovely fingers are mostly decorated with beautiful and attractive rings.

4. Shoes

We know that shoes should be categorized under accessories, but can we help it if Kristen’s list of favorite shoes is so large? Converse is her favorite. So see that you own a couple of them. Besides converse, Miss. Steward also owns a variety of eye-catchy pumps mostly in dark shades or covered in bling. She also owns a number of black leather zipper shoes. All you wannabe Kristen Stewart girls out there, you would also have to own a few court shoes and wear them on your dresses.

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