Top 5 Reasons Why You Will Love Sushi, The Japanese Delicacy

 Top 5 Reasons Why You Will Love Sushi, The Japanese Delicacy

Sierra, 23, is a fan of the popular Japanese delicacy, Sushi. Almost every other afternoon, her lunch comprises of a Sushi roll and a bottle of vitamin water. We chatted with Sierra to know a little more about this dish, why she loves it so much and why she thinks you will love Sushi too.

1. Sushi tastes great

“If you love fish, seaweed and rice, it’s a guarantee that you will love Sushi”, said Sierra with much confidence. It is basically cooked vinegar rice combined with different vegetables, condiments and sauces. You will love to eat Sushi as it contains some classic ingredients such as Nori (black wrapping seaweed), Neta (fish), Shari (rice) topped with soy, Wasabi and Shoyu sauces”, Sierra waxed eloquently. “I keep trying it with different seafood and meats all the time”, she added.

2. Health benefits of Sushi

“Apart from how great it tastes, I also love Sushi because of the many health benefits is has. Fish will give you your source of Omega 3 fatty acids and protein, seaweed will give you Vitamins A and C and reduce cholesterol and other fish meats such as shrimp will give you good amounts of iodine and calcium”, said Sierra. What we love about Sushi is that since it is not cooked, it has absolutely no cooking fats. No wonder the Japanese are so healthy!

3. Modern American variations of Sushi

“Frankly speaking, I love modern American versions of Sushi such as the California roll, Tampa roll, Rainbow roll and Sushi with crab sticks, mayonnaise and cream cheese, but it is not as healthy as the original Sushi”, confessed Sierra. We must confess that these are good options to have Sushi if you’re not a big fan of Oriental foods.

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