10 Reasons Why You Feel Tired all the Time

Reasons Why You Feel Tired all the Time

Do you feel tired even after having your third cup of coffee? If your answer is ‘Yes’ then your lifestyle may be the culprit. Feeling tired all the time is nowadays one of the most common ailments. It can be really frustrating when you have to do a lot of things in the day and you feel tired right after the lunch break. A lot of people have a fairly sensible lifestyle. They don’t have any serious health problems but they still find themselves weighed down with constant fatigue. Here are some reasons which may explain why you are tired all the time.

1. You don’t exercise

Exercising produces a lot of helpful bio-chemicals that ward off fatigue. Working out regularly can help you feel upbeat all day. So, don’t just put in the energy and consume those three meals every single day. Move that body, spend that energy and burn some calories.

2. You keep poor sleeping patterns

Sleepiness is different than fatigue. A lot of people confuse sleepiness with fatigue. One of the biggest causes of feeling tired is not getting enough sleep. If you sleep too much or too less then you will definitely feel tired all day. Along with this, keeping irregular sleeping patterns can also make you feel tired. In order to come back on the right track, make a routine of sleeping at specific times. Get neither too much nor too less of
sleep. Once you start sleeping for 8 hours every single day, you will feel much better.

3. You are overweight

Obesity can result in a horribly disruptive sleep. It can also make your bones and body to bear a greater burden of weight. It can potentially result in heart problems. So, exercise to reduce the fat from the body, to build muscles and to have a good night sleep.

4. You are pregnant

You will definitely feel tired most of the day if you are pregnant. This is one of the most noticeable changes that are seen in pregnant women. Sudden change in sleeping habits along with the changes in energy levels is common if you are pregnant. Pregnancy makes a lot of changes in your body. Feeling of fatigue during your first trimester is normal. If you stay up past midnight nowadays and then suddenly feel the need to crash out at 9:00 PM then pregnancy could be a factor. Following specific sleep patterns can be challenging for new mothers. You may find it tough to suddenly adjust with the sleep schedule of your baby.

5. You drink too much coffee

People who rely on caffeine to get through their day can develop a dependence on coffee. This can make you go into a coffee addiction, needing several cups of coffee or tea in the day for feeling normal. If you start your day with a cup of coffee and end your day with a cup of coffee or tea then you might have problems in sleeping, ultimately making you feel tired. Caffeine can course through your system even when you are sleeping.

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