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13 Interesting Facts about Blake Lively

Blake Lively is born talented; coming from the family of actors she has surely made her name in the industry. She is a good multi-tasker, as she is perfect in acting, modeling and is...

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9 Facts about The Hangover Star Bradley Cooper

The striking, handsome Bradley Cooper is the American actor who features in popular Hangover movies. He was even titled as the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ by the People’s Magazine. Here are 9 facts about Bradley...

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10 Super Tall Actresses of Hollywood

Tall and beautiful sweethearts of Hollywood have always held a special charm and charisma. But have you ever wondered who stands really tall among the female celebs of Hollywood? Here’s a quick list.

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12 Amazing Facts About Leonardo DiCaprio

The actor has been continuously working since he was 17 years old. From the child actor in ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’ to his phenomenal performance in the recent ‘Inception,’ the trajectory Leonardo DiCaprio has...

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4 Celebrities Who Were Geeks

Celebs, who are always dressed to kill, never fit into the typical image of a bespectacled nose-in-the-book kind of geek. They are style icons for every person who do not bury their nose in...

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5 Most Handsome Black Men

Black men have always captivated the hearts of women worldwide with their sharp features and their handsome looks. Do you know who are the most handsome black men in the world? Well, we’ve made...

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13 Women With The Most Kissable Lips

The definition of beauty varies from people to people. Likewise, different men may fall for different features of a woman for some may have a liking for lustrous black hair while others may vouch...

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10 Reasons Why Girls Love Christian Bale

There are plenty of reasons why you should be excited about ‘The Dark Knight Rises.’ There is no single reason that stands out, in fact. But what about the actor who plays the title...

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7 Best Celebrity Single Moms

Have you ever wondered how do they do it? Being a single mother, even if you are a Hollywood celebrity, is no child’s play. The lives of Hollywood single mothers are very hectic given...

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5 Cougars of Hollywood

The term cougar was always associated with a negative connotation in the earlier decades. But hot Hollywood actresses between 35 and 50 years of age have popularized the term so much that today there...

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7 Most Stylish Celebrity Couples

Hollywood, the most worshipped industry, has been making style statements for all these years. Common people like us can never stop idolizing celebrities when they show up on the red carpet, looking stunning and...

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13 Interesting Facts About Selena Gomez

If you love Selena Gomez, then you would be pleased to read facts related to her. If you want to know who the real Selena Gomez is, then know about her through this list...