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How To Look Like A Hipster?

You will spot her walking on the street wearing funky clothes and multiple piercings, sporting huge sunglasses and dreadlocks, carrying an oversized backpack and smoking cigarettes. You may also spot her sipping on black...

How To Look Like Kristen Stewart 1

How To Look Like Kristen Stewart?

Bella Swan single handedly managed to win the hearts of handsome hunks like Edward Cullen, a vampire and Jacob Black, a werewolf. She doesn’t own some kind of extraordinary power or ability. However, only...

How to look like Avril Lavigne 0

How To Look Like Avril Lavigne?

Avril is mostly known for her unconventionality. She looks like the kind of girl who doesn’t take too much trouble to dress up, yet turns up looking like a million bucks. Many boys are...