10 Tips to Get Celebs to Tweet You Back on Twitter

10 Tips to Get Celebs to Tweet You Back on Twitter

With millions of Twitter users hoping to get some kind of reply from their favorite celebs, how do you get noticed? When it comes to soliciting a response from a celebrity, we have the mantra for you. Here is a list of things that can help you.

1. Tweet the real celebrity

Make sure the account belongs to an actual celebrity and is not a fake or being used by someone else. Ensure that the “Verified Account Badge” is clickable.

2. Tweet the right celebrity

There are a few celebs who are not that regular on Twitter or simply do not like to respond. Do not expect them to tweet you. Instead tweet someone who is active and likes to reply.

3. Make use of hashtags

Especially if you are tweeting about a trending topic, the hashtag will increase your visibility. Whenever your favorite celebs are promoting a hashtag, get yourself involved in them.

4. Time your tweets

Timing is everything. If you send a tweet to a celeb just after he or she has come online, you are more likely to get a reply. Random tweets will not get you anywhere. Tweet when you see them tweeting.

5. Focus on what you tweet

Apart from timing, what you tweet is extremely important. Try something interesting and funny. Just like you do not like to be spammed, neither do the celebs. And remember, flattery will only get you so far.

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