7 Tips To Make Your Cosmetics Last Longer

7 Tips To Make Your Cosmetics Last Longer

All good cosmetics are expensive. Without proper care and handling, they can become unusable much sooner than their expiry dates. So here’s a list of 7 tips to make your cosmetics last longer:

1. Avoid prolonged air exposure

Never leave your cosmetics in open. Close all lids properly, cap the ones in tubes and ensure everything is covered the moment you are done using them. Exposure to air introduces dirt, bacteria and other germs. Also it tends to dry out your cosmetics.

2. Maintain personal hygiene

Ensure that you wash your hands and face before starting with the makeup. This is because it’s very easy for bacteria to breed in to your cosmetics, transferring you the infections. So every time you use cosmetics, make sure your hands are washed so that you are not transferring bacteria into your cosmetics.

3. Read instructions

Always read the instructions that come along with cosmetic products and store them as recommended. If it reads that it should be kept away from sunlight, ensure that you follow the instructions. This will make the product last longer.

4. Clean makeup brushes immediately after use

You might be in a rush to leave, but still take out time to clean makeup brushes immediately after use. If your brushes are clean and in good condition, it will ensure your makeup products last longer.

5. Pamper your makeup brushes regularly

Take special care of your makeup brushes and clean them regularly. Use a good quality mild shampoo to clean all brushes and other makeup equipment at least once a month.

6. Buy as ‘fresh’ as possible

When you make your makeup purchases, ensure that you check on the date of packaging/manufacture. Try buying as ‘fresh’ as possible so that you get to use it for a longer period of time.

7. Do not share your cosmetics

Share secrets with your girl friends, but not your lipsticks, mascaras, creams and other makeup products. Sharing cosmetics lead to more chances of contamination and exposure to bacteria and germs.

So keep these simple tips in mind and ensure that you get the maximum out of your beauty and makeup products.

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