8 Fun Activities For Employees

8 Fun Things To Do In Your Office

Research has shown that people increase their productivity in office if they are taken away from work just for a while. Yes, sounds weird, doesn’t it? But that is a proven fact as doing this renews their creativity as well as dedication towards work. So, let us take a look at some fun things that you can organize for your employees in office.

1. Baby photo quiz

Ask your employees to bring their childhood photos to office. Set up a table and lay those photos down. Let your employees guess whose child photos those are and reward the winner.

2. Office newspaper

Let your employees contribute to this newspaper. Let them share their personal good news if they want to. You can also post your company news and funny incidents and print fresh jokes to entertain your employees.

3. Special dress code

Cancel your company dress code for the day and encourage your employees to make the best of it and express their personalities through their clothes. How about a Halloween costume party?

4. Funny poster contest

Encourage your staff workers to find funny posters and carry out a contest. Print them out and let there be a fun poster or picture exhibition carried out in your office.

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