6 Tips to Stay Fit During Pregnancy

6 Tips to Stay Fit During Pregnancy

You may love working constantly on your fitness, but during pregnancy it is very important to opt for a routine with extreme care. So, here are some tips to help you stay fit during those special nine months.

1. Listen to your doctor

Before you decide on any kind of exercise, you must consult your doctor. Based on your history and your current health condition, he or she will be able to guide you as to what kind of fitness regime you can stick to. Trust your doctor to give you the most informed advice.

2. Listen to your body

When you are exercising during pregnancy, it is extremely important to never over-exert yourself. Make sure you do warmups before you start your exercise routine and do stretches towards the end. If at any moment you feel any kind of pain or heartburn, stop immediately and talk to your gynecologist. Also know that an exercise that feels good during one month may not feel that good the next month.

3. Practice yoga

Get in touch with a trained yoga instructor and start a yoga routine. Your instructor will teach you positions that are good for your pregnant self. Yoga will help you with the mood swings, cramps, back pain, and breathing problems.

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