5 Signs He Is Just Playing With Your Feelings

5 Signs He Is Just Playing With Your Feelings

“For a few moments, you made me feel as though I actually meant something to someone.” Is this line similar to your situation? If ‘yes,’ then you should analyze the situation now. These are hints and signs that he is just playing with your feelings. To know more about those signs, read on.

1. If he has fake affection for you

This is a common sign to know what he feels for you. Many guys speak casually when alone, but behave extra sweet when people are around. This could happen in your case. Is he extra sweet with you when people are around, and rude when there is no one? Then he might be playing with your feeling, be careful of the situation.

2. If he ignores your calls intentionally

If you call him and he ignores your calls intentionally, then you need to think again. If he does not bother to call you up even after seeing your missed call, then it is time you think about him. This is another sign he might be playing with your feelings.

3. If he maintains a distance

If he avoids eye contact or maintains his distance, then he would not be interested in you anymore. If he is playing with your feelings, then he might distance himself after getting physical pleasure from you. This is a clear sign that he is playing with your feelings. It is time you think ahead, girl.

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