6 Ways to Overcome Internet Addiction

6 Ways to Overcome Internet Addiction

Internet has made life easier. It allows you to shop and pay bills online. It surely brings shopping complexes and government offices at your doorstep. Internet helps you save time and avoid the leg work done in traveling from one place to another. You can also get a lot of knowledge from the internet. Now the question is how can such a useful tool be harmful. The answer is that if you use the internet too much then it can make you obese, ultimately affecting your health. If you think that you are addicted to the internet then check out the following tips to break free from this habit:

1. Find out if you really are an internet addict

Determine how much time you are spending on the internet per week. If you are spending ten or less number of hours on the internet in a week then you are not addicted to it. If you are spending eleven to fifteen hours on the internet then you are not addicted yet. Just cut down on the number of hours you spend online each day. You are somewhat addicted to the internet if you surf it for sixteen to twenty five hours. On the other hand, you are extremely addicted to the internet if you surf it for twenty six and more hours in a week. These statistics are not valid for people who work for eight hours a day in their office.

2. Sit back and imagine how life will be without the internet

This is a very important step to help you overcome your internet obsession. Just hold a hot cup of coffee and sit in your living room. Now, forget that internet even exists! People were living even before internet was introduced. Just start treating internet as a non-living thing that makes your life easier somehow. Don’t make it the heart of your life! Get a backup of the important information you have uploaded on the internet and you will feel safer. This will help you eliminate the fear of losing your stuff.

3. Take a day off from the internet

The next step is taking a day off from the internet and stepping out of the house. Don’t access internet from your phone or tab. Just call some friends, go out and have loads of fun. Go to a beach or to a mall. Eat at a food joint and finish off your day with a relaxing bubble bath. After this step, you will feel lighter and better.

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