5 Healthy Foods that Make You Feel Bloated

 Healthy Foods that Make You Feel Bloated

There are times when your belly feels bloated, gassy and your belly feels full and tight. Excess amount of gas and water levels in the body usually causes bloating. Bloating can be caused because of reasons like overeating, swallowing air, constipation, irritable bowls, gastric problems, hormonal problems and the likes. Bloating can also take place due to consumption of certain foods that cause bloating. Listed here are 5 foods that make you feel bloated.

1. Deep fried, oily food

Excessive consumption of deep fried foods like fries, fried chicken, burgers are heavy on the stomach and take more time to get digested. This is because the body takes time to break down the fats and digest the food completely. Because it takes more time, there is formation of gas in the body which makes you feel bloated.

2. Gas causing foods

There are certain foods that cause extra gas formation in the body when consumed. Foods like lentils, onions, peppers, baked beans and other variant of beans, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, sprouts lead to formation of excess gas which makes you feel bloated.

3. Dairy products

The strength and speed of digestion is different in every individual’s body. In case of some people, the body is not able to digest milk sugars and lactose present in dairy products. This problem is called as lactose intolerance. When dairy products are consumed and the body is not able to digest it properly, gas is formed and you feel bloated.

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