6 Ways to Tone Your Calf Muscles

6 Ways to Tone Your Calf Muscles

People tend to workout the whole of the body but overlook certain parts of their body such as the face and the calves. Thus one doesn’t achieve the complete fit and toned look. The legendary leg day which is so glorified among people who go to the gym regularly, doesn’t do much for the calves. So for toning these parts and making them look as fit as the rest of the body, here are some exercises you ought to follow.

1. Do calf raises

Standing calf raises are known to be the best workout technique to make your calves look ultra toned. Stand only half inside a raised surface such as a step board or a stair with only the balls of your feet touching the surface and the heels hanging in the air. This will offer the best stretch on your calves. Slowly raise yourself up on the balls of your feet as high as you’re able to and contract your calf muscles as you reach the peak. Hold briefly and lower under control to repeat.

2. Perform jump squats

To perform jump squats that tone your calves, place yourself in a standard squat position and lower your body into the squat, moving to the balls of your feet and toes as you do so. Once you’re at your lowest point, propel yourself up and explode upward into a jump. Land on the balls of your feet and immediately move into another squat. You could use dumbbells for this exercise to increase the difficulty and thus quicken the process of toning the calves.

3. Take a step aerobic class

Sign up for a step aerobic class in your locality or gym to achieve those enviable pins. In these classes you are required to perform aerobic and dance movements by constantly stepping on step boards. Start out slowly, and gradually increase the intensity of your workout by varying the number of risers or step boards under your step.

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