9 Very Interesting Facts About Tom Hanks

.Very Interesting Facts About Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks need no introduction. His successful stint as a writer, actor and producer has won him lots of accolades. Are you a huge fan of Tom Hanks? Do you know everything related to him? Well, listed are some interesting facts about Tom Hanks you would love to read.

1. Tom Hanks was once a bell man in a hotel. He also worked as a delivery boy at the hotel.

2. Did you know that Tom Hanks had a fetish for collecting different types of typewriters? He had quoted in an interview that he has a collection of over 80 different typewriters.

3. Tom Hanks is a big music fanatic. He likes to hear all kinds of music that includes Elvis Presley and Metal bands. His taste in music just speaks about the person he actually is.

4. Tom is a huge devoted fan of the Star Trek Series. He has confessed it many times that he would have loved to play the character in the Star Trek Series. In fact, he was also offered the role of Zefram Cochrane in the first contract series of Star Trek. But, he couldn’t do it due to some prior commitments.

5. In 2002, Tom Hanks was awarded with the lifetime achievement for excellent contribution in movies. That is quite an achievement at a young age!

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