5 Things To Do When The Due Date Has Passed And You’re Still Pregnant

It is absolutely important to understand that every woman’s body is constituted differently, and every pregnancy is different. So as long as your physician is happy that you and your baby are doing normal, you shouldn’t worry if your due date has passed and you are still carrying a baby. You could probably use these days to do something for your baby and yourself. Check out some of our ideas.

1. Finalize the name

If you haven’t finalized the name for your little one, now is a good time to do. If you know the sex of your baby, you can possibly start calling him/her by her name. And if you have opted to wait until the day of the delivery, you can finalize one name for each gender.

2. Clean your house

You do not know when next you will have time at hand to clean up your house. Once the baby arrives, your days and nights will be full of him/her. So, dust the doors and windows, clean the kitchen cabinets and try mowing your garden. Such simple activities will keep you occupied but do not overdo anything.

3. Mild exercises

Consult your physician and if he/she agrees, you could indulge in mild physical exercises that may induce labor. Scrubbing the kitchen floor by getting on your knees is one of the most common exercises suggested. Also, climbing up and down the stairs several times a day could be done. But, you need to stop when your body asks you to.

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