7 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day both for you and your kids. If you want your kids to have a healthy breakfast, you should show them the way by eating healthy yourself. It is not as easy as it sounds, but it is something that needs to be done. When making breakfast, make something that all of you can eat together and make sure that it is tasty and different every day as kids can be extremely picky and choosy about their foods. Even if there are not loads of stuff on the table, make sure that what is on the table is enough to give the essential nutrients for your kids. Getting kids to have breakfast can be a struggle every single day but here are some tasty and healthy breakfast options for your kids.

1. Milkshakes

If your kids are refusing to eat fruit for breakfast, you can always make a super tasty milkshake with the fruits. Not only will they get all the benefits of the fruits, they will also get enough calcium from the milk that you add. The sugar in it will also give them enough energy for the day.

2. Granola

Granola is a great and healthy breakfast option for kids. You can either serve them granola bars with milkshakes or add milk or yogurt and make sure that they get fiber, protein and calcium as well.

3. Ham and cheese sandwich

There is no rule that says you should not have sandwiches for breakfast. Since you have more or less little control about what they eat for lunch, you can give them a filling breakfast such as a ham and cheese sandwich. You can also add other meat and make it wholesome.

4. Pancakes

Pancakes made from scratch are also a healthy breakfast option for kids. Instead of syrup, you can add some cream and make it even more tempting for the kids.

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