6 Ways to Make Him Approach You

6 Ways to Make Him Approach You

Women really wish that men should take the effort to approach first. But sometimes even guys have the hitch to approach you out of the fear of being rejected. So in order to make them approach you, you need to give the correct signals. Here are 6 ways to make him approach you.

1. Try to get his attention

If you want the guy to approach you try to grab his attention, attract him towards you. Be noticeable, dress up perfect, try to make eye contact, show through your body language that you want him to approach you.

2. Pass flattering comments

There is no obligation that only a guy should give compliments. In fact if you give the guy a flattering compliment he will know that you are noticing him and may be are interested in him. It is also a good way to strike a conversation. This is a good way to make him approach you.

3. Take the initiative to ask him questions

If you want a guy to approach you, you could begin by asking any random question. This will give the guy confidence to have a conversation with you or further even approach you. You also need to take some efforts if you want the guy to approach you.

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