9 Signs You have been Cheated On

Signs You have been Cheated On

Is your partner acting strange these days? Do you feel, things don’t seem the way they used to anymore? You keep wondering, where did the romance evaporate from your relationship. There may be some tell tale signs that you may be missing. Here are some clear indicators that show that you are being cheated on by your “beloved”.

1. He gets irritable off and on

If your partner yells at you for even the tiniest of reasons, it’s clear he finds you interfering. Instead of feeling hurt and shedding tears, you must note this behavior of your boyfriend. You may find a distinctive trail leading to his affair, outside your relationship.

2. His dressing style has changed

Are you seeing a sudden transformation in the way your partner dresses now-a-days? If your boyfriend shifts from sober shirts and trousers to funky jeans and t-shirts, it is a big red flag ladies! Changes in dressing pattern is one of the most prominent signs pointing towards a cheating partner.

3. He behaves too nicely

Compliments are galore, gifts are just raining down on you and your cooking is being appreciated at every chance! Don’t get too happy about these things if you know your partner is not of those sorts. Suspicion will be better here as this is a sure sign of infidelity.

4. He leaves the room unexpectedly

Observe the way your partner looks uncomfortable whenever you mention your best friend’s breakup with a guy who had a fling outside. He might suddenly leave the room when the topic shifts to you two. While you might think that your partner is so loyal and loving, it may totally be the opposite. It’s so apt – ‘the guilty are afraid!’

5. He has become possessive about his phone

Your partner is definitely cheating on you if he has set a lock code on his phone, sleeps with the phone, showers with the phone, is joined at the hip to his phone and gets nearly paranoid if he sees you in the same room as his phone!

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