6 Health Benefits Of Green Tea

6 Health Benefits Of Green Tea

Green Tea is quite a popular drink on the menu of most Asian cafes and restaurants, though people from other parts of the world too have started drinking it regularly in the recent times. The reason why people are now including Green Tea in their diets is because of the increasing awareness of the many health benefits that it offers.

Green Tea is processed differently from Black Tea. While the making of Black Tea involves the fermentation process, Green Tea avoids that, thereby making it rich in antioxidants and nutrients that have a very good effect on the human body.

Listed here are some of the amazing health benefits of Green Tea.

1. It aids in Weight Loss

The polyphenol in Green Tea helps to increase the metabolism in the body. This means that the conversion of food into calories in the body happens at a faster rate, thereby aiding in weight loss. Regular intake of green tea, combined with a good diet helps in losing considerable amount of weight in just a couple of weeks.

2. It reduces the risk of Cancer

Research and studies have shown that those who consume Green Tea on a regular basis have lower chances of developing Cancer as compared to those who don’t consume it. This is because Green Tea is rich in antioxidants that fight against many free radicals and cancer cells in the body, which aids in stopping of many types of Cancer, such as that of Breast, Prostate and Colorectal.

3. It reduces risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

Green tea improves the antioxidant capacity of the blood, which then helps to ensure that the LDL cholesterol particles are saved from oxidation. This means that all the bad cholesterol levels in your body are minimized, making you healthier and fit. With lower levels of bad cholesterol, the risk of cardiovascular diseases is also lowered.

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