4 Ways to Play Hard to Get

4 Ways to Play Hard to Get

Okay, so you really like this guy and you have been waiting by the phone for him to call. Then he calls and wants to know if you can hang out, what do you do? Leap out and say yes right away, what else? Wrong! You do the thing that millions of women have been doing for centuries to get the man they want to do what they want – i.e. play hard to get. And how exactly do you do that? Read on to know more!

1. Do not make the first move

This is pretty self evident, since we are not talking about playing easy to get. Making the first move works in a lot of cases. Lots of guys dig that and lots of women say it’s a sign of women empowerment. However, if you rewind to the old tried and tested rules of the dating game, it’s usually a winning strategy to let the guy make the first move. Much like war, it puts him on the defensive as he has put his feelings out there, giving you the advantage of making the rules. Love and war isn’t so different after all.

2. Make him wait

By that we don’t mean call him some place and arrive there the next day. That’s just bad manners. What you do is make him wait for your response, leave him uncertain and just a wee bit nervous. Sounds evil? It is, but only slightly so. Making him wait keeps him interested, makes him want you more and makes him value you more once he is finally able to make some headway with you. So if he has asked you to a movie, tell him that unfortunately you have prior plans, and wait for him to ask you again. If he asks again, you suggest another date to meet up, or a short walk instead of a movie, making it look like you have a choc-a-bloc calendar and he isn’t way up there in your priority list yet. Slowly but surely give him more importance which will make him feel more secure.

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