8 Qualities of September Born People

8 Qualities of September Born People

Those born in the month of September possess a lot of exceptional qualities not to be found in their peers and an attempt has been made here to compile the vital ones.

1. Planning

People born in September are known to be meticulous planners and don’t take a single step with giving it due consideration. Hence, they are seldom guilty of taking any rash decision and have great careers as top level managers.

2. Orderliness

These people want everything to be spick and span and any kind of disarray can make them see red. They are extremely organized and expect the same level of orderliness from their peers and subordinates.

3. Intelligence

A September born possesses a superior intellect compared to those around them and their high level of IQ enables them to get out of misfortunes and tricky situations very fast.

4. Modesty

Humility is a prime virtue of these people and they never beat their own drum. They prefer to downplay their own role and praise others for their achievements. Their unassuming nature makes them the source of adoration for those around them.

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