5 Ways to Deal with a Snobby Friend

5 Ways to Deal with a Snobby Friend

It is so damn hard dealing with a friend who is excessively proud, and is a show off. Such people can at times be obnoxiously irritating. Also, the fact that they have so much to be snooty about, is kind of a bummer. Here are a few ways of dealing with such a snooty and a proud friend.

1. Make a joke

This is the easiest way! Just gang up on this proud friend of yours and crack jokes and laugh at him/her. This will certainly break them down and make them more humble. Eventually you will end up with a friend who is confident but not excessively snooty.

2. Confront

What is the best way to tackle snootiness? Be direct, call it out! Tell your friend how it is annoying that he/she keeps on parading on their pride, and how this makes you want to choke them to death. Tough love works!

3. Mirror

Give your friend a taste of her own petty pride! They are flaunting whatever they got? You do the same, and in a manner that is way over the top than theirs. This way you come off as obnoxious to them and your mission would be accomplished.

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