5 Foods to Avoid Before Bed

5 Foods to Avoid Before Bed

Stress, work, health issues, domestic problems, well there are a lot of things that make us sleep deprived. Food is the last thing you want to see in the list of sleep-killers. But, unfortunately there are a few food items that cannot give you peaceful sleep at night. Check out 5 foods you have to avoid before hitting the sack.

1. Say ‘No’ to pizza

Munching pizza with a late night movie would be the best way of ending your day, but remember you are giving extra work to your stomach. When your body wants to rest at night, heavy food like pizza demands a lot of time for digestion, keeping your stomach alert. It might also trigger acidity woes leading to heartburn and stomach pain at times. So, it is better to avoid fatty food like pizza at night and enjoy having it anytime during the day.

2. Evade the ice-cream temptation

Eating an ice-cream after dinner is a treasured treat. But here is the other side of the story; ice-creams that are generally loaded with fat and sugar should be avoided if you want good sleep. Fat takes a lot of time to burn and sugars will energize you – both sending wrong signals to your stomach. So, it is better you suppress your creamy temptation till the next morning.

3. Celery will disturb your sleep

Surprised at how such a nutritious vegetable can interrupt your sleep? Unfortunately, celery is a diuretic, which can stimulate the water in the body leading to intermittent bathroom breaks. So, do you want to wake up frequently at night, or avoid celery at night?

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