7 Extracurricular Activities for Kids

7 Extracurricular Activities for Kids

We live in a world that is constantly changing and evolving and every person needs that little bit extra to survive. No longer does a college degree alone can assure you of a job. A person needs to be well rounded and have a few other talents ad traits that would make him or her different and stand out from the crowd. It is here that extracurricular activities play an important role. The sooner a person starts having varied interests the better it is for him or her to excel in different fields. Kids learn faster and the best way to keep them interested in different things is to get them into extracurricular activities. Here are some extracurricular activities for kids.

1. Piano lessons

It may sound boring and not every kid will eventually become a Beethoven or a Bach, but learning the piano at a young age can instill in them a lifelong passion for music. Not only that they also develop a lot of patience sitting for hours at the piano trying to learn all the notes and keep in touch with the tune.

2. Ballet classes

Ballet is one of the most classic and beautiful dance forms. It is not for girls alone, boys too can learn ballet. It keeps your child fit and also makes them look cute. Who wouldn’t want to have a cute little ballerina in the house?

3. Painting

If your child shows interest in sketching or drawing from a young age, you should definitely enroll your kid in some painting classes. Painting is a great way to express one’s feelings and your kid will thank you when he or she grows up for encouraging them to paint as a kid.

4. Cooking

There is nothing wrong in encouraging little kids to learn cooking. You can start with teaching them yourself about baking and if they are interested you can send them to cooking classes for kids.

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