7 Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends

7 Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends

Christmas is a season of happiness and cheer. It shows that there is a lot of fun in sharing and caring. The ritual of gifting perhaps emerged from that principle. There are numerous people who come into our life during different phases. But friends stand together through thick and thin; play with us, smile with us and also cry with us. This Christmas, show them how much they mean to you with some simple, affordable yet heartfelt gifts.

1. Personalized tea towels

For your girl friends, showing them your love and gratitude may mean something a little personal. All that you could do is buy some cute white or plain tea towels. Mark or draw some picture that is close to the two of you or even write something that is dear in your relationship and simply run a stitch following the pattern. This gift does not just stand the test of time but will remind her of some fond memories every time she picks it up.

2. Photo gifts

You bet there are a lot of pictures of your group of friends. Some thoroughly hilarious ones, some weird ones, some that are better kept under wraps and some that bring a smile on your face regardless of when you look at them. There can be nothing more personal and comforting than an old picture. Put it in an appropriate frame or encase it in the numerous photo gift options that are available today. Add lines that express your love for your friends. Simply seal in a lot of love to make this Christmas and several more precious and treasured.

3. Magazine tote

This gift is going to make your read-a-holic friends bring out their best smiles. If you have friends who are voracious readers, then it is a great idea to get them a magazine tote. These are large tote bags that can comfortably accommodate a great deal of books that make their current read. They are made from stiff material and so do not ruin their contents. They can be carried around effortlessly and make a great Christmas gift for friends.

4. Pastry bags

If you have one or more baker friends, there cannot be anything more appealing than pastry bags for them. Today, you can even find mechanical pastry bags that help to frost or ice without any effort. Different nozzles and tips to decorate their cakes and muffins is a pleasure for bakers. They are under $100 and are ideal for the Christmas season.

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