6 Disadvantages of Dating a Rich Guy

6 Disadvantages of Dating a Rich Guy

Rich men have an alluring charm. They always seem more attractive than the other guy in the party, or always seem more desirable when looking for a stable partner. Most girls feel that dating a rich guy would sort out most of their life’s worries for them, and would fill their closets with Louboutins and Chanels. But let’s face it, all that glitters is not gold. And even if a rich man does give real gold to you all the time, sometimes, that’s not what you need! Here are a few disadvantages of dating rich men that will probably make you give the other guy another chance.

1. He’s always working

The reason why he has so much money and such a big empire is because he has worked all his way up there! Unless you are dating someone who has inherited an empire that will help him and his next few generations survive without working at all, your man is bound to be busy. But even with a free empire bestowed upon him by some good luck, he needs most of his time to manage it well and take care of the operations. That basically means that he’d have very little time to spare for you, and that can sometimes become difficult to deal with.

2. He may have a bloated ego

Money can bloat up egos, and how! Having so much money and power can make him arrogant unknowingly. He would deign to go to a local pizza joint with you, when he’d rather take you to a fine dining Italian place. He could be snooty, and that can sometimes be reflected in the way he deals with his staff or others around him. Sometimes, when this becomes a person’s nature, then it’s bound to seep into your relationship as well, making you really uncomfortable.

3. He’s always getting more attention than needed

If he has a lot of money, then flirtatious women would always follow him around. They would be extra seductive to get his attention, and possibly replace your position in his life. Needless to say, you will always feel very insecure, and thoughts of infidelity will scare you a lot.

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