7 Reasons Why Tea is Better than Coffee

7 Reasons Why Tea is Better than Coffee

Almost all of us need our morning tea or coffee to start our day. It is good to opt for the healthier option than pay the heavy medical bills. Both tea and coffee are good beverages but it is essential to know which one is the healthier option. There are many reasons why tea is better than coffee. Here are some.

1. Coffee keeps you awake. Tea doesn’t

The amount of caffeine in coffee is more than in tea. This keeps you awake if you drink it before bed time. It can disturb your sleeping hours and thus you would feel tired the next morning. On the other hand, it is good to have green tea before you sleep as it is rich in anti-oxidants that work over night and you wake up fresh and healthy.

2. Coffee can leave bad teeth stains

Have you ever observed the teeth of regular coffee drinkers? Coffee can make your teeth pale yellow and it would be tough to repair them. This does not happen to tea drinkers. Even if you drink up to 4 cups of tea in a day whether black, green or with milk, it won’t affect your teeth. So smile and have tea!

3. Tea is a healthier option for pregnant women than coffee

If you are expecting and you ask your doctor about what beverage you can have, you will be suggested tea instead of coffee and there is a medical reason behind it. Tea does not cause constipation and it keeps you away from cardiac problems. It helps in digesting your food and is rich in antioxidants that are good for your baby too. Coffee has lot more caffeine that can cause miscarriage. It often causes constipation as well.

4. Tea fights cancer

Tea has the quality to help in easy blood circulation, prevent the blood to clot in the nerves, keep the heart healthy. Not only that, it is also known to prevent breast and ovarian cancers in women. Coffee too has certain good qualities but its caffeine is not healthy for the heart.

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