5 Dating Tips to Learn From The Movie ‘Priceless’

5 Dating Tips to Learn From The Movie 'Priceless'

Priceless (originally titled as ‘Hors de prix’) is a French film, directed by Pierre Salvadori. It stars Audrey Tautou as Irene, and Gad Elmaleh as Jean.

Irene is always dating rich men, irrespective of whether they are young or old, good-looking or not, as long as they can give her a luxurious lifestyle. On a holiday with her companion Jacques (an old, wealthy man), she meets Jean (a bartender at the hotel she is staying in), and mistakes him for being a wealthy man. After a night of passion, Jean starts to like Irene, but she leaves the next day. To Jean’s luck, he meets Irene again one year later at the same hotel. The story then continues on Jean and Irene’s journey of finding out truths about each other, to liking each other, and then finally realizing that they love each other more than all the riches in the world. In their romantic journey, one can find several hidden lessons. Here are a few of them.

1. Date a person with a heart, not a big wallet

Irene has had a rather adventurous life, chasing rich men and being dependent on them for getting expensive shoes and clothes. But very soon, she realizes that leading a happy life does not necessarily require being rich. A happy life instead involves being in the arms of a person who truly loves you for who you are, and will do just about anything and everything for you. Jean uses up all his savings to be able to win Irene, and eventually she realizes that he may not be the richest man on this planet, but Jean definitely has a very big heart.

2. Cheating is not tolerated in any form of datinG

Cheating is uncool! When Jacques gets to know of Irene sleeping with Jean, he breaks off his engagement. Regardless of how unhappy you are with a person, or even if you are dependent on him only for luxury (like Irene is on Jacques), cheating is not a good way to deal with relationships or your partners.

3. If you want to cheat, be careful!

Of course, if you are the kind of person who just doesn’t believe in stability and all the ‘good ideas’ of dating, then the least you can do is be careful. Irene, obviously, doesn’t learn her lesson from the first time, and gets dumped by yet another rich man when she is caught flirting with Jean for the second time.

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