Does Breastfeeding Spoil Beauty?

Does Breastfeeding Spoil Beauty?

Defining the Myth

There is a popular misconception that revolves around the concept of breastfeeding. Young mothers of the 21st century carry a wrong perception that breastfeeding their own children results in loss of beauty. They do not want to de-construct their figures in a day and age where looks are considered to be of prime importance.

It is a known fact that babies and infants derive maximum benefits from mother’s milk. Their immunity tends to grow better and there is a deeper sense of bonding that occurs between the mother and child. For these and other beneficial reasons, doctors and medical professionals across the world emphasize the need to breastfeed.

Reality Behind the Myth

Affection and health benefits have taken a backseat these days and cosmetic reasons have jumped to the forefront. It is very appalling to realize that the number of breastfeeding mothers is on the decline. Therefore, the need to create awareness is on the upsurge. Doctors and researchers have time and again proved the fact that breastfeeding neither makes breasts lose their shape nor makes them sag. It is not breastfeeding that spoils the shape but the quick changes in size that result in tissue lesions and stretch marks.

One of the most important tips to avoid such a condition is to avoid putting on too much weight while you are pregnant. Wearing a supporting bra is equally important. Gradual weaning is recommended to avoid rapid size changes as this will cause least damage to skin tissue. Sudden or instantaneous weaning, on the other hand, will cause problems in this aspect.

Besides busting the myth, breastfeeding has innumerable benefits that are sadly not realized by many mothers today. Breastfeeding protects women against several degenerative diseases such as breast, ovarian and uterine cancers, osteoporosis, maternal type II diabetes and postpartum depression. Breastfeeding, besides being beneficial to the mother, opens up a world of goodness to the newborn. The child consumes a lot of nutrients and vital elements through breast milk and hence the need to be breastfed is imperative unless a medical condition contra indicates the requirement.

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