7 Signs He Likes You Just As A Friend

7 Signs He Likes You Just As A Friend

You are crazy for him, all your friends know it and you know it. But does he feel the same way for you? Finally you get to hear those magical words, “I’ll always be there for you…” Just when you are on cloud 9, thunder strikes as he completes his sentence, “as your Friend!”. But your heart is still hoping that the friend tag will change into something more special. Will it? Well, here are seven signs that he treats you nothing more than a friend, to help you face the reality:

1. While watching a romantic movie together, you warm up to him, inching yourself closer to him and try to intertwine your fingers with him, and instead of reciprocating romantically he keeps watching the movie and asks, “You want some more popcorn?”

2. You don the sexiest dress in your wardrobe to make his eyes pop out, but when he sees you, all he talks about is the usual boring talk – unpleasant weather, or upcoming soccer match or politics of the state. Well sweetheart, time to wake up! He treats you just like any other friend.

3. When he is with you, he looks more at the girls passing by than at you. Well, that’s a sure shot sign that he’s just not into you romantically!

4. Neither he whispers sweet nothings into your ears, nor does he send surprise bouquets. Neither chocolates, nor sweet little cards! So just accept it girl that you are just another of his ‘cool dude’ friends!

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