15 Gift Ideas For A Long Distance Relationship

15 Gift Ideas For A Long Distance Relationship

A gift is not just about money and usefulness. It is a way to show that you care enough and are thinking of your loved one. In a long distance relationship, it is imperative to stay connected and we can help you do that by proposing a few gift ideas that you can use.

1. Send a hand written letter with a photo that you and your boyfriend took in the past. Write about that particular snap and how special he made you feel that day, and has been doing so ever since.

2. Send a bouquet of his favorite flowers with a personal note to your loved one.

3. If he likes chocolates, send him a box. Or if he like doughnuts, get it delivered to his doorstep.

4. If you know when you are going to meet him next, then send him a lovely message for every day that you are going to be apart. This may not technically qualify as a gift, but it nevertheless will make your guy feel loved.

5. If you are good at writing creative stuff, you can churn up a story about the two of you or a lovely poem and mail it across.

6. If your boyfriend likes to wear bracelets and chains, you can send across one with his initials engraved on it.

7. Courier one of your dresses just so he can feel you near him. It is an extremely intimate gift and can surely work magic.

8. If your boyfriend is a guy who appreciates gadgets, you can get the latest phone or mp3 player delivered to him. A digital camera will do the trick too.

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