6 Things to Know About a Scorpio Man

Things to Know About a Scorpio Man

Beware of the sting, because a Scorpio man never fails to leave an impression on anyone. Born between October 24 and November 22, the Scorpio man knows his place in the world and knows how to cement it. A caring and a devoted lover, he can also scare you a little by being a little too possessive. He is an intense individual and does not like being taken lightly. Here are some things you definitely ought to know about a Scorpio man if you are interested in him.

1. Passionate

A Scorpio man sees everything in black or white and there are extreme emotions involved when it comes to his feelings. He can never see the grey areas and ambiguity does not interest him, even the tiniest bit. In a short time that you get to know him, you will see his range of emotions, from being cold to being highly passionate in a moment. Life would definitely be interesting when you are with him.

2. Curious

He is very curious about everything in life, including you. He needs to get to the bottom of things and know everything. This curiosity he has for life always keeps him on his toes. It also lets him learn and read a lot. You will find out soon enough that his curiosity is insatiable and he may suck you in too.

3. Controlling

When you are with him or married to him, the issue of who manages the home life will never come into question as he will take over the reins completely. He can be controlling and overbearing mostly. If you are someone who does not mind being controlled when you get everything you want, then life should be a bed of roses with him. He does not like to be challenged.

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