5 Tips to Prevent Arthritis

5 Tips to Prevent Arthritis

Arthritis is a common genetic disorder. If you have a near or distant family member who has had to cope with the strain of this illness, chances are you will be fitting into their shoes soon. Even the stress of modern times, long work hours and intensive workout routine can lead you down that road. But, the good news is that whether it is genetic or not, there are many simple and sensible ways to prevent it. Here are 5 tips to prevent arthritis.

1. Maintain a healthy body weight

A heavy upper body or extra pounds more than your ideal body weight is one of the most common triggers of arthritis. Managing a heavy body is much difficult than you think. Your hips, knee joints and feet have to bear the burden of your body weight, making it weak and as a result you slowly fall into the grasp of a disease that is difficult to cure.

2. Diversify your workout regime

Repetitive stress disorder can cause degenerative symptoms and affect your joints. You are in a job which requires you to be in difficult positions for extended hours. You don’t realize the stress caused to your joints while working or even working out following the same routine. It is a wise idea to combine different forms of workout like cardio, weights, dance and zumba or yoga to help you balance your workout in a manner that helps your body rather than causing any harm.

3. Reduce sports activities

Rather than playing soccer and outdoor sports activities for long hours, you can try swimming and exercises that allows flexibility to your muscles and joints. Excessive cardio workout like running on the treadmill, or jogging can also cause stress. Hence, you need to plan low impact exercises.

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