6 Awesome Ways Peer Pressure Affects All of Us

Awesome Ways Peer Pressure Affects All of Us

No man is an island and it is very rare for anyone to not be affected by people surrounding them. Peer pressure is the influence that one person or a group has on you – that more often than not makes you do things that you would otherwise not even think of doing. Peer pressure can affect you in a lot of ways that can be both positive and negative. And with peer pressure, it does not really matter how old you are. Kids, teenagers and adults are all susceptible to peer pressure and end up doing a lot of things that they do not want to at times. It also wants them to be something they are not in an effort to be like the rest and also try to fit in. Here are some ways in which peer pressure affects all of us.

1. It may affect you directly

It could be as simple as someone telling you what to do. In the case of teenagers, it would be to do something that would make you look cool and sophisticated, in the case of adults it might be forcing someone into investing in property or buying a new car. The trick is to not fall victim and be sure of yourself and find people who do not try to control you or make you do things.

2. It sometimes affects you indirectly

Sometimes a person or a group does not have to make it verbal for you to be forced into doing something. You yourself might be tempted to do certain things to fit into a particular social group. Putting your kids in a school that you can barely afford is an example of how you can be affected by peer pressure without anyone telling you what to do.

3. It can affect your fashion choices

It is an area where we are heavily influenced by what the group wears and we try really hard to fit in. It could be mostly because we do not want to stand out and be ridiculed because of our fashion choices.

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