5 Reasons Why Guys Love Innocent Girls

Photo Courtesy:  katieblench

On one hand there is something called being naive and on the other hand there is something called being innocent. Innocence is an attribute that most men desire in their women. It’s not only easy to get away with things with innocent girls, but also call the shots in a relationship. Also, wanting to be with an innocent woman is a sign that a man wants to be the dominant and unquestioning one in a relationship. Here are 5 reasons why guys love innocent girls.

1. Innocent girls may not be able to see through if he is cheating

Despite being in a relationship, a man wants to be able to date other women too. With any other woman who might question him or even get suspicious, innocent women tend to be more trusting. They will not find out that he is cheating or keeping something away from her.

2. Innocent girls tend to be more flexible

It’s the movie of his choice, dinner happens wherever and whenever he wants, and when he wants to cancel, he can cancel. Innocent women tend to be flexible and agree to anything their partner wants to do.

3. Innocent girls easily buy excuses

With innocent girls, the guys can make all sorts of excuses and get away with it. The girl is most likely not going to ask too many questions. She tends to believe blindly.

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