10 Things Men Don’t Tell

 10 Things Men Don't Tell

There are actually several things that men don’t tell but we are discussing just 10 of them. And of course, some men might actually be an open book and so this list is definitely nor universally applicable. With that in mind, go ahead and read the 10 things than men don’t tell.

1. Men will never discuss about other women. It could be a past girlfriend or a sexy coworker at office.

2. Men will never say that they have been out having fun with their buddies when you were sitting at home making dinner for them. They tend to make excuses in such situations.

3. Men will never say that you look fat. Well, if they did, they wouldn’t survive another day with you, would they?

4. Men will never say that they like their previous girlfriend more, even if it is true. In general, men try to appreciate the woman who is with them at the present moment.

5. Men will never say that they are short of money, even when they cannot afford an expensive dinner. Most men will shy away from discussing finances with their girlfriends.

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