8 Home Remedies for Fever

8 Home Remedies for Fever

If you pop a pill every time you get fever, then it may also harm your body. Medications do have side effects on the body. Instead, try some natural ways to cure your mild fever. Here are some home remedies for fever.

1. Basil and Neem

Make a concoction of holy basil and neem leaves and have it two to three times in a day. Boil five to six holy basil leaves along with three to four neem leaves. Let it boil for ten to fifteen minutes. Sieve it and have it in natural form. This concoction reduces the body temperature and cures mild fever.

2. Garlic and olive oil

Garlic oil has magical healing properties for the body. Mix one table spoon of garlic oil with one tea spoon of olive oil. Now, apply this under your foot sole. Massage the area properly and then cover it up with a warm cloth. This helps to bring down the high temperature of the body. This natural remedy is effective for treating flu and fever.

3. Cold water dip

The easiest way to bring down the temperature is to make a cold water dip. In a bowl full of water, add some ice. Now, use a cotton cloth and dip it in the water. Place the cloth on your forehead. Repeat this process ten times. This method helps to reduce high fever and flu infection in the body.

4. Apple and raisin juice

This might sound unusual to you, but the remedy can work wonders. Simply boil some raisins in water for about twenty minutes. Now, sieve the water and add two table spoon of apple juice. Have this three times in a day. This remedy helps to bring down the body temperature thus curing your mild fever.

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