7 Ways to Know Your Boyfriend is Interested in Someone Else

Ways to Know Your Boyfriend is Interested in Someone Else

Infidelity in a relationship not only affects a beautiful relationship, but also causes personal anguish. What if one day you know that your boyfriend is interested in someone else, in spite of being with you? Listed here are some ways to know your boyfriend is interested in someone else.

1. Things suddenly change

Is there a change in his normal routine? Does he make excuses to avoid meeting you? If there is a sudden change in his normal schedule, then it is possible he is hiding something from you. By the looks of it, it seems that he might be interested in someone else. Keep a tab on his behavior if you find something fishy or there is a change in things around.

2. He hides information

If your boyfriend is hiding a lot from you, then this could be a reason to worry. If he hides his phone from you, then he doesn’t want you to read his messages. He may also delete all the messages from his inbox or chat history before he meets you. He may also leave the place to attend his secret calls on his cell phone. This is something to worry about. Confront him directly, if need be.

3. He argues without reason

Arguments arise for no reason, of late. If he starts arguing with you even when you are not at fault, then he is interested in someone else. He is doing this so that he can pick up a fight with you. And, if you guys fight, then he would get a reason to end the relationship.

4. He avoids your calls

Is he avoiding your calls all the time? This is something to reflect on. Had he been interested in you, he would have attended all your calls. Being in love, it is natural to talk to that special person. If your case is just the opposite, then you need to think before continuing the relationship with him.

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