6 Awesome Tips to Stay Mysterious With Men

6 Awesome Tips to Stay Mysterious With Men

You want to make men go weak in their knees? Women can easily practice the art of being mysterious to draw men towards them. Here are 6 awesome tips to be mysterious with men.

1. Think and speak

If you want to be mysterious, you need to use your words carefully. Have mysterious conversations by giving limited inputs and opinions. Don’t say anything stupid just because you have to. If you speak less and make good points, it will maintain the level of interest and you will get attention.

2. Try being unpredictable

Don’t overdo it and shock people with your behavior. There should always be a surprise element, a new side to show. Just when the guy thinks he is getting to know you, confuse him by showing him a different side. Reveal yourself slowly to maintain the mystery.

3. Learn when to show interest

Try not to initiate but show interest, this way the guy would make the first move. Be silent first, but when the conversation starts be friendly because you shouldn’t appear to be rude. This will create mystery because it will confuse the guy.

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