5 Lessons to be Learnt from the Movie Her

5 Lessons to be Learnt From the Movie Her

Directed, written and produced by Spike Jonze, Her is an American film, released in 2013. While some people refer to it as a ‘postmodernist’ film, others simply call it a comedy-drama film set in the future. It’s the story of Theodore, a guy working in a company where writers write beautiful emotional letters on behalf of people who are unable to do so on their own. The story’s main focus is on Theodore encountering an OS (operating system) with an artificial intelligence, which has the capability to develop and evolve on its own, and how Theodore falls in love with this OS and starts a relationship with it.

Her is a very heart-touching film that has some beautiful life lessons to offer.

1. Happiness can come in any form

Happiness does not come in a grand, planned or announced manner. Neither does it come when you are looking for it desperately and have ridiculously high expectations of what can or what will make you happy. Instead, happiness comes in little things, and comes in the most unexpected of ways. When Theodore gets a new OS, he doesn’t expect anything much out of it. But the same OS becomes Samantha, his companion, and his lover, who brings so much happiness and positivity in his life. Imagine, if an OS can make you that happy, then what possibly can’t?

2. Only when you embrace your happiness does it change your life

When you start enjoying the little joys of life, and when you embrace them whole-heartedly, they change your life in miraculous ways. Theodore keeps an open mind and admits that he has fallen in love with his OS, which only opens pathways to more happiness for him. His writing improves, and he truly starts to enjoy life.

3. Your true friends will always understand you

Amy doesn’t judge Theodore when he confesses to her that he is dating his OS. Instead, she is very open-minded about it and shares details of her close friendship with her own OS. This shows how true friends always care for you, and are happy for you when you find something good in life. Amy doesn’t think of Theodore as a retard, and supports him all throughout. True friendship is always like that – supportive, not judgmental and undemanding.

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