4 Great Health Benefits of Going Barefoot

Great Health Benefits of Going Barefoot

Times were when we laughed at people walking barefoot and even snickered a bit. But recent scientific studies prove that walking barefoot or earthing as it is called has a whole lot of health benefits. It isn’t eccentric anymore, just fashionably healthy. Walking barefoot does not mean you should be walking barefoot on the sidewalks where you think the surface is clean but on the ground where your feet can touch the grass and the ground. The benefits come from the contact our feet has with the electrons in the earth and the natural charge that the earth has seems to charge us too. Walking is anyways good for your system and your health and here are some more health benefits of doing it barefoot.

1. Earthing or walking barefoot changes the electrical activity in the brain
This change in the brain is measured by electroencephalograms. It is probably this change that gives us the feel good feeling when you kick off your shoes and walk in the grass or moist and wet earth.

2. There is a lot more that walking barefoot does to us including
Benefiting skin conductivity, moderate heart rate variability, improves glucose regulation, reduce stress and boost our immunity. No one would have thought that the simple act of walking barefoot can do so much to our body.

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