8 Creative Ways to Ask a Guy Out for a Date

Creative Ways to Ask a Guy Out for a Date

Sometimes, asking a guy out for a date may seem like a Herculean task. You want to get a ‘yes’ only for an answer without sounding too desperate or persuasive. There is nothing like a creative and impressive way that makes a guy want to say ‘yes’ without making it tough for you. So, here are some creative ways to ask a guy out for a date.

1. Play truth or dare

Play the game with this guy and when he chooses a dare during his turn, ask him to take you out with a wink.

2. Plan a treasure hunt

Make up a bunch of clues so that he can go looking for every single one. Make sure the last clue is a written note asking him to go out with you. This is going to catch him unawares. But the surprise is sure to weave some magic.

3. Write a little ‘sweet’ note

And make it really sweet. The market is flooded with chocolates and candies of ‘choose any name’. Use them in the place of real words like replacing ‘Kisses’ chocolates for the word ‘kisses’ and so on. This is creative, sweet, innocent and beautiful. Can he even think of saying no?

4. Slip in a note

Slip in a note in a place he cannot miss like his jacket, wallet, car or locker. He is going to be happy and surprised to see a chit appear out of the blue. You can expect to see a similar slipped in chit in response to your question very soon.

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