5 Traits that Surely Attract Guys

Traits that Surely Attract Guys

It is not true that all men want is sex. Nor are they much bothered about your physical stature or the voluptuousness of certain parts of your body. What really matters is what kind of a person you are. What attracts a guy towards a girl is her strength of character, her inner beauty and the essential feminine charm that makes her a lovely lady. What a man really seeks in a woman is the beauty that makes her presentable to his family, and that makes her unique as a prospective life partner. All in all, there are 5 major traits in a girl that surely attract guys.

1. Munificence

It is the kindness, the benevolence in a woman that makes her attractive. Every man craves for a woman who would not just love him, but would take care of him and would shower him with the kind of concern that is almost motherly. The soft heartedness and warmth in a girl would therefore attract guys like no other.

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2. Modesty

A woman ought to be modest, in the true sense of the term. This characteristic is not reflective of a male dominant society; rather it shows that men really want to be with women who are not flirtatious in a negative way. The same is true in case of men. If someone is flirtatious by nature and it questions his character, it might not be an appreciative trait. Similarly, in case of girls, if she is self-effacing, and does not attract unwanted conceited attention, it is a trait that attracts guys for sure.

3. Understanding

A woman should above all other things, be understanding in nature. If she understands the stance of others easily and is empathetic in nature, she will attract guys towards her without effort. Guys love girls who are sympathetic in nature as they would then not be suspected unnecessarily for the slightest anomaly in behavior. Also, it would prompt them to show her more respect and be faithful towards her.

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