8 4th of July Traditions

8 4th of July Traditions

For all the Americans, 4th of July is a day to remember. It’s a festive occasion that marks the end of a long freedom struggle. Here are 8 4th July traditions that every patriotic American loves to celebrate with.

1. Watching the parade

The Independence Day celebration goes soaring high with grand parades on important American streets in the morning hours. In fact in some places, you can catch the parade on local television channels.

2. Going for a baseball game

Ask an American if they would sacrifice a date or a baseball game? And without a doubt, they would go for the former. Baseball is considered as a religion in the US and an excellent way to kickstart the celebrations is to watch a game. Watch a major league baseball game with a giant coke and box of nachos!

3. Being a part of huge public fireworks

Fireworks have been an integral part of Independence Day celebrations. The morning begins with the parade and the evening ends with a beautiful firework display with Americans all over watching the colorful, brightly lit sky.

4. Decorating your house with patriotic symbols and decors

Americans festoon their homes with star and stripped decors, balloons and ribbons with red, blue and stars to share their patriotic sentiments.

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