7 Awesome Creative Ways to Avoid Stress

Awesome Creative Ways to Avoid Stress

Can you really say goodbye to stress? Fat chance; but here is what you can do. Try some easy and creative ways to avoid stress whenever possible. Being stressed is the last thing you want to be for all the ill-effects of stress. So, beat stress or at least bring it down the next time you feel you are getting into it. Check out these awesome creative ways to avoid stress.

1. Be amidst nature

Whenever you feel stressed, take a walk in the park, walk by the beach, go on a bicycle ride by the woods or simplest of all, just stare at a beautiful picture of nature’s most blessed places. You will begin to feel your mood lift and fill you with some peace that you never had to begin with.

2. Write a story

Did you know that writing is a means of giving expression to your feelings and thoughts? It sure is. You could write about anything and it doesn’t have to necessarily be what’s bothering you. It could be something you are excited about or something that makes you feel sad or just about any topic. When you give wings to your expression, you will experience a power that you’ve never felt before. Very creative and very stress busting.

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3. Indulge in food

You are quite likely to have a temptation for some food that you can’t really indulge in simply because of weight, calories or other reasons. As long as they don’t cause much harm, indulging in them when stressed serves as a great stress buster. For some, it is chocolate in their melting and sinful self and some others find decadence in fried food. Likewise, there can be many such indulgences that can help you feel at ease. Also, some foods like sweet potatoes, certain nuts, apricots, avocados and spinach are natural stress-busters.

4. Drink orange juice

It sure does work. Oranges are rich in vitamin C and also have the properties to reduce anxiety levels. So, when something’s so delicious and nutritious at the same time, it should most certainly be given a try.

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