6 Reasons Why Leonardo DiCaprio will Surely Win an Oscar in Future


Millions of people thought and wanted Leonardo DiCaprio to carry home the Oscar for Best Actor for his performance in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. The man is known for commendable acting skills and has showcased stellar performances in numerous movies. But lady luck does not seem to work her magic on him for he hasn’t taken home an Oscar as yet. But, millions believe the day is not far away when he will be showered with the movie industry’s highest honor. The beliefs stem from distinct reasons and here they are.

1. He is an actor par excellence

Excellence cannot go unnoticed for long. He may not have won an Oscar as yet but the man is a four time Oscar nominee. His performances have been exceptional and surpass their predecessor every time. The man portrayed the cute lover boy in ‘Titanic’ but thereafter went on to do miraculous performances in ‘Blood Diamond’, ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?’, ‘Catch Me if You Can’, ‘Revolutionary Road’ and a lot more. Leonardo DiCaprio is in the hot list and will take home an Oscar shortly.

2. He is the critics’ choice

DiCaprio has earned a reputation not just amongst the public but also with critics. He has been the indisputable critics’ choice in many movies. Many people want him to win the Oscar and that is his success, regardless of whether he has taken home the award or not.

3. He is only 39

DiCaprio is just 39. He has his whole career in front of him. The past two decades have brought to the front his amazing choice of movies and awe-inspiring performances. He has a whole world of acting and performing ahead of him. With his best yet to come, Oscar cannot be too far away. The world acknowledges the impressive work he puts up and elusive Oscar cannot shy away from that fact.

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