4 Best Christmas Stories to Share

4 Best Christmas Stories to Share

Christmas is a happy time to be spent with the family and a lot of people have fond memories of gathering around the fire and listening to their parents or grandparents reading out stories to them. Before the age of television and video games, the stories that were either read out or were told by the elders were the major source of entertainment and amusement for the kids. These stories were not only for the kids but for the whole family as it brought them together and gave them stuff to pass it on to their kids and other family members. The tradition of Christmas stories continue to this day too and the best part is that there has to be no specific stories that you have to recount. The stories could be of anything as long as everyone feels comfortable. Here are some of the best Christmas stories that you can share with your family.

1. Story about Christmas

The story of Christmas is probably the best story that can be recounted on Christmas day to the little kids. You can talk about the birth of Jesus Christ and tell them the true meaning of Christmas and the whole point in celebrating it with the family. The story of the birth of Jesus Christ will also give them an understanding of their religion and the beliefs of their family.

2. Stories from the past

It is around Christmas time and other holidays that kids very willingly sit down to hear parents and grandparents talk about their past. If it is teenagers they will be more than willing to hear stories about their parents and the naughty stuff they did from the grandparents. Talking about the family history and saying it like a story is also a great idea for a Christmas story and it is something that should be definitely shared as the family would get a sense of who they are.

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