5 Predictors of Divorce

Predictors of Divorce

There is never one reason for people to get divorced. People get divorced all the time and the divorce rate is only increasing as the days go by and shows no sign of decreasing. A divorce can be for a lot of reasons and it can either be by mutual consent or be an acrimonious divorce over the division of assets and child custody. Although people try and not have a divorce, there are instances in a marriage when one can know that a divorce is impending. These instances or feelings are the predictors of a divorce and if one is careful, they can either be worked on or avoided. Knowing alone is not enough, if you really need to avoid a divorce, you also need to really start working on the marriage. Here are some predictors of divorce.

1. Avoiding conflicts

When a couple no longer wants to fight it out, either to save the marriage or to clear up certain issues plaguing the marriage, it is a clear predictor of divorce. It means that one of the two or both of them have lost interest in the marriage and do not want to do much to make it work. A decaying interest in the marriage can only lead to a divorce after a while as boredom and apathy sets in.

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2. The blame game

Constantly blaming the other person for all the pitfalls in the marriage and for everything that goes wrong in a marriage can also be a predictor for a divorce. Not only some people blame each other, but they also take support from people outside of the marriage making the situation worse. The blame game is never good in any relationship and is the worst thing you can do in a marriage.

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3. A casual approach to extra-marital affairs

There are couples who have an open relationship where affairs are not frowned upon but invited. But when the relationship is not open and yet both do not respond in anger or in other ways, it shows that the marriage is crumbling with neither of the couple wanting to save it in any manner.

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